Frequently Asked Questions - Adult classes

1 . Who are these adult classes for?

Men and women from the age of 17 can take the adult classes at the Ecole de Danse de Genève. Levels are structured from seasoned dance students to absolute beginners wishing to take their first steps into a class.Their is no maximum age to have a go.

2 . Where do classes take place?

Classes are all given at the Imprimerie, 6 rue du Pré-Jérôme

3. What do I have to wear for ballet classes?

There is no strict dance wear code but you might like to follow this advice: teachers prefer to be able to see your knees and ankles. So some wear tights and a leotard whilst others might wear a t-shirt and slim track-suit pants. Bare feet are not advised. You may start in socks but eventually it is a good idea to have ballet shoes.

4. What do I wear for the other classes?

Any comfortable sports wear that allows you freedome of movement.

5. Can I take a trial class?

Yes. a trial class costs CHF 26.-.

6. Do I have to book a trial class?

No, you just have to pay for your class at the office before hand.

7. When can I join?

Subscriptions to the adult section are possible through out the year.

8. How much does it cost?

The annual subscription is CHF 30.-
10 class card, valid 4 months : CHF 260.- / CHF 210.- (students)
20 class card, valid 4 months : CHF 470.- / CHF 370.- (students)
Single class : CHF 30.- / CHF 10.- (professionals)

9. Can I use my class card for several other styles?

Yes the card's only limitation is the 4 month period.

10. Can I watch a class before taking part?

For the comfort of those taking the class, we do not allow people to watch. We advise to have a go as this allows you to get a better idea of the class.

11. Is there any pointe-work involved in the ballet classes?

Pointe-work is for advanced students and who have the necessary strenght in their legs and feet.The adult ballet classe therefore do not cater for pointework.

12. Do adult students take part in the Ecole de Danse de Genève performances?

No, adult students are not expected to go on stage.