Programmes and Class Schedule

Three learning programmes are offered by the Ecole de Danse de Genève.


For all students who have no wish to follow dance as a vocation nor want to dedicate too many hours but neverless want to follow evolving and fulfilling classes in their chosen style(s). For this s programme only the minimum number of classes per week is required.


From Niveau 3, when a student decides to take above the minimum required classes, he/she enters the intensive programme. This allows students to deepen their art and teachers a bandter following. This stream also allows students as well as the directors to monitor achievements faced with stricter requirements with a view to vocational studies , but without that commitment. It can also simply be considered as a way to fully engage with dance for pure pleasure in reaching a good level.


This programme is reserve for students showing particular motivation and adequate talent to consider a vocation in dance. These students must officially request to be admitted to this programme, with the directors' decision being final.