Adult courses


We offer dance classes in ballet, contemporary, floor-barre and stretching.

To take class you need to :

> pass by the reception at EDG (facing the entrance)
> If you wish, you can ask try out a class (CHF 26.-)
> then buy a single class for (CHF 30.-)


> join EDG as a student by taking an annual registration card (CHF 30.-) that allows you to then buy series of 10 or 20 classes , valid 4 months and for any adult class.  10 classes CHF 260.- and 20 classes CHF 470.- (students : CHF 210.- and CHF 370.-).

Cash or credit cards accepted.

From 1st November, you no longer need to register online! Attendant lists have been made for each regular group.
If you have any questions, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NEW CLASES in January 2023 !

Contemporary A2/A3:
 - Thursday 19h30-20h45  with Camille Rau
Ballet A3:
- Friday 19h30-20h45 with Ornella Capece (new teacher, ex-dancer with ballet GTG)
Contemporary workshops (Saturdays)
> Led by dancers from Ballet Junior